SSC Result 2020 Dhaka Board and all

The SSC Result 2020 With Marksheet publish under the education board of Bangladesh. Students become very excited to understand the SSC exam end. Some people search for the result online quickly. You can see SSC Result 2020 Dhaka Board in this post.

SSC Result 2020 Publish Date

SSC, Vocational and Dakhil exam 2020 started from 3rd February 2020 and therefore the written exam is going to be finished 27th February 2020. consistent with the education board of Bangladesh, education board Bangladesh SSC result should be published within 60 days after the exam finishing date.

With the calculation, we will say that the bd SSC result in 2020 is going to be published May 31 2020.

For getting SSC result on your Mobile phone
You need to pre-registration just follow below
Go to your mobile message option Type
SSC<>Board name(First 3 Letter)<>Roll<>Year and Send to 16222

you get your result in mobile SMS 31 May 2020

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How To Check Bangladesh SSC Result 2020

There are two ways to see the web SSC result 2020. Both are a reliable process. Most of the people think the SSC result check online process is difficult actually not.

The method is near about almost like the JSC Result 2020 checking system. you’ll check your SSC result with mark sheet 2020 on your mobile if you’ve got an online connection. The websites for checking SSC Result 2020 given below. By this website, you’ll quickly check your results of SSC.

Ministry of Education Official Website


SSC Result 2020

There are 6 options to refill and get your SSC Result. like Examination, Year, Board, Roll, Reg: No and Captcha.

  • Select SSC/Dakhil from the Examination drop-down button.
  • Select Your passing Year 2020.
  • Select Your Education Board from this area. like Barisal.
  • Write Your Roll number carefully. Example: 1234567
  • Write your Reg: No. Example: 48485957
  • Fill the captcha box and press submit.
  • Check your name and father name etc to be confirmed that this is often your SSC result 2020.

How To Get SSC Result Through SMS

The SSC result through SMS System is one among them. many of us don’t know this process. But it’s easy if you are doing it smartly. If you would like to see SSC Scholarship Result 2020 then you’ll read another article.

To avoid this sort of embarrassing situation someone prefers the SSC result SMS system. during this system, no need for an online connection. Or haven’t server down problem. So with none interruption, SSC examination results 2020 are often collected using this technique.

SSC Grading System 2020

The grading system introduces in Bangladesh within the year of 2001. Before that, it had been the divisional marking system. like first division, second division, etc. Now, this marking system may be a familiar GPA. GPA means mark Average.

The SSC exam evaluates the 8-grade point. Below is the marking chart. There are, A+, A, A-, B, C, D, F.

If any student got 80-100 mark during a subject it’s called A+, and its point is 5

70-79 is called A and its point is 4

60-69 is A- and its point is 5 3.5

50-59 mark, it’s B and point is 3,

40-49 marks are C, the purpose is 2,

33-39 marks are D and its point is 1.

Finally, if anyone fails during a subject its called F, and therefore the point is 0.

An SSC student takes 9 total exams. Among them, 8 may be a major subject and 1 is an optional subject.

Education Board List In Bangladesh

এর মধ্যে নয়টি আঞ্চলিক বোর্ড এবং দুটি হলো বিকল্প শিক্ষাবোর্ড। they’re liable for conducting the examinations for the JSC, SSC, HSC level. The boards also are liable for the popularity of personal sector educational institutes.

There are nine regional boards:

Barisal Education Board

Chittagong Education Board

Comilla Education Board

Dhaka Education Board

Jessore Education Board

Mymensingh Education Board

Rajshahi Education Board

Sylhet Education Board

Dinajpur Education Board

Two alternative education boards:

Technical Education Board

Madrasah Education Board

How To Get SSC Result 2020 Jessore Board

ssc result 2020

First, go to this link:

  • Then select SSC/Dakhil
  • Select result Year 2020
  • Select Jessore Board within the board section
  • Put your roll number within the Roll field
  • Give the license number within the Reg: No section
  • Solve captcha. meaning you’ve got to unravel the given math (add or subtract and put the end in the box)
  • Please check all the inputted information
  • If everything is ok then click on the Submit.
  • Wait a short time. a replacement page will open with details like your name, father’s name, school, grade, etc. Here you’ll get your required result.

SSC Result 2020 Jessore Board by SMS

  • Open the new message from your mobile
  • Write SSC and press space button
  • Type the primary three digits of your education board. for instance, Jessore Board code is JES.
  • Write your SSC Roll Number and provides space
  • Write the exam year 2020
  • Your message format comes like SSC: 312532. 2020
  • Now send this SMS to 16222
  • You will get detail leads to the return message.

SSC Result 2020 Dhaka Board

Dhaka Board is one of the favored education board in Bangladesh. consistent with the ordinance of the Board, this board is empowered to administer and promote the general public examinations at the secondary and better secondary level educational institutions in Dhaka district.

Go to this link and check your SSC Result:

How to get SSC Result 2020 by SMS :

At first, attend your mobile message option. Type SSC then presses on the space button. Write DHA but continue the space button. Now type your roll number and provides an area. Finally, type 2020. Then send this message to 16222.

  • Example: SSC DHA 312532 2020
  • After publishing the result you’ll tend an SMS about your result.
  • SSC Result 2020 Dinajpur Board

The Dinajpur Board publish the SSC result bd. This board is that the north regional educational board of Bangladesh. If you would like to urge the results of SSC exam 2020 of the Dinajpur board you’ve got to follow the below instructions.

Get SSC result 2020 Dinajpur Board

First, go to this website:

From the dashboard select SSC/HSC/JSC/Equivalent result. a replacement window like below will appear ahead of you.

Here you’ll see Examination Year, Board, Result Type. refill all point very carefully and accurately. Then click “Get Result” Button. That’s all.

SSC Result 2020 Dinajpur Board SMS Method :

In result season definitely you get a message from every mobile operator that you simply can get the SSC exam result 2020 very easily through your mobile SMS.

Yes! you’ll see the results on your mobile if you would like . And for this, your cost are going to be TK 2.30.

  • This method is extremely easy. But, you’ve got to input some important information.
  • Board Name Code, Roll Number, Exam Year, SMS Send Number
  • Okay. Let’s see how we get the result via SMS by utilizing that information.
  • Go to write message option on your mobile and sort as like below.
  • SSC DIN number 123456 2020 and sends it to 16222.

SSC Result 2020 Sylhet Board

SSC Result 2020 Sylhet Board through Mobile SMS :

  • Go to the “New Message” from the mobile message option even as we normally do to compose a replacement SMS following the below format.
  • SSC SYL 334455 2020 [here, SYL is that the board code and 334455 is that the roll number]
  • If all is correct, send SMS this code 16222 and wait.
  • In return SMS and you’ll get your SSC board results in 2020 Sylhet Board.

SSC Result 2020 Rajshahi Board

Go to this website:

  • Go to the education board Website
  • Select your Examination Name SSC/Dakhil
  • And select Exam Year 2020
  • Then Select your Education Board Rajshahi
  • Type your Roll Number and license number
  • Fill up the Captcha Code (For Verification)
  • Click the “Submit” Button and obtain your SSC Result

Check SSC Result 2020 Rajshahi Board by Mobile phone

Get your SSC results of Rajshahi Board through your mobile by SMS. attend the “New Message” from the mobile message option even as we normally do to compose a replacement SMS.

  • Write SSC and provides space.
  • Enter the primary three letters of the Rajshahi Board is RAJ and provides a space .
  • Enter your 6 digit roll number and again provides a space .
  • Write to 2020.
  • Your SMS will show exactly like SSC: 334455, 2020

If all is correct, send SMS this code 16222 and wait.

In return SMS and you’ll get your SSC exam end in Bangladesh.

SSC Result 2020 Barisal Board

First, go to this link:

Input the asking information  Examinat, Board, Year, and Roll Number accurately. And press the submit button. you’ll get the result immediately.

Get the SSC Result 2020 Barisal Board :

You can get the SSC result bd 2020 Barisal Board by sending a little SMS from the mobile.

First, attend the message option.

  • To write a replacement message, attend write a massage option and sort SSC and provides an area .
  • Now write the BAR and provides an area .
  • Enter your SSC roll number here. and provides another space.
  • Write to 2020.
  • You will get an SMS like SSC BAR 123456 2020 and send this code 16222.

in the return SMS, you’ll get your expected education board result.

SSC Result 2020 Chittagong Board

First, go to this link:

Input the asking information  Examinat, Board, Year, and Roll Number accurately. And press the submit button. you’ll get the result immediately.

How To Get SSC results of Chittagong Board by SMS :

We don’t want to mention more. All procedure is same as other education board. Just follow below SMS formate.

 Example : SSC CHI 764534 2020 and send to16222

Get SSC Result 2020 Comilla board by Online :

First, go

  • Select SSC/Dhakil/Equivalent within the examination field
  • Select 2020 from Year section
  • Select Cumilla from the board section
  • In Roll section Give your roll
  • Give Your Registration in reg section
  • Fill the Captcha (solve math)
  • Click On Submit button

SSC Result 2020 Comilla Board by SMS : Follow the steps

  • First, attend your mobile message option
  • Now type SSC and provides an area
  • Then write COM and provides an area
  • Then enter your SSC Roll Number and provides an area
  • Then enter your SSC exam year 2020
  • Now send the complete message to 16222
  • If everything is okay, within the return you’ll get SSC result 2020 with full mark sheet

For example, SSC COM 312532 2020 Send this code 16222

How to Get SSC Result 2020 The Maymensingh Board :

Check your result here:

Check Result by SMS:

The SMS system is the same because of the other’s board. Just take your mobile and attend your message option. Type the below text and send code  16222.

Example: SSC MYM 312532, 2020 Send this code 16222

After that sometimes you’ll get your SSC result via a massage.

How To Get SSC Exam Result 2020 in  Madrasah Board:

Check your result here:

Check Result by SMS:

Just type the below SMS in your mobile phone message option. Replace your roll number then send it to 16222.

  • Example: Dakhil MAD 764534 2020 and send this code 16222

How To chack SSC Exam Result 2020 কারিগরী বোর্ড :

Check your result here:

Check Result by SMS:

উদাহরণ: SSC TEC 364536 2020 এবং 16222 এ পাঠান

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