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PSC Result 2019 it’s the primary Public Examination in Bangladesh. where as a Student complete school Studies, they attend the PSC Examination. This communicating is powered and managed by the board of Primary education. The official web site of DPE is computer network They publish all data regarding Primary and Mass Education on this web site. DPE conjointly publishes the Ebtedayee Result that is that the solely Equivalent results of PSC Result. Let’s begin reading all the knowledge on this post and check your PSC Result 2019.
The PSC Student and their Guardians can check the PSC communicating Result 2019 quickly from online from the Official web site computer So, Keep prepared all the mandatory data & check the result quickly from online. will publish all necessary information and News.

psc result 2019

PSC Result 2019 Publish Date:

PSC Result 2019 can publish on 24 Dec 2019 (Monday).
We don’t have any Official update or confirmation regarding this Issue. As per obtaining data on the authority, we’ll inform you once more shortly. The official data can on the market when Dec fifteenth, 2019. we tend to suggest you to bookmarker this post on your Browser for the rationale that you simply will visit this post anytime. Here square measure previous few years PSC Result Publish Date:

PSC Result 2019 Official Website:

Many people don’t understand the Official web site of PSC Result 2019. If you would like to see the result from your net activated device (Browser). you’ll get your Details Result on this Portal. Here we tend to square measure providing step by step guide for you.

Firstly, Visit this web site Address from any net Browser. Secondly, Passing Year and Student ID then click Submit Button.

PSC Result 2019

PSC Student ID range additional on Student PSC Admit Card. it’s added by the Ministry of the coed that power-driven by Teletalk. Anyone will use this Student ID range for checking PSC Result 2019 from the Teletalk DPE Result Check portal (Online) and conjointly from Mobile SMS.

The Student ID range is an exclusive range reserved for students. Here, the Student ID range designed with Student Age + communicating year + Thana Code + Roll range. keep in mind that, the coed ID range is up to sixteen Numbers. SMS System is accessible below. Now, Check PSC Result 2019 from on-line. Secondly, choose PSC Passing YearNow, kind your Student ID range finally, faucet on the Submit button from the on top of instruction, everybody will check their PSC Result 2019 at on-line from their Student ID range. whereas the Official web site can encounter, you’ll be able to simply use this web site to urge your PSC Result.

JSC Result 2019 Bangladesh

PSC Result 2019 by SMS:

Mobile SMS System is extremely vital for PSC Examine. The Examine can’t browse the net. All of the Guardians aren’t educated. So, it’s therefore onerous to see the Result from online. solely Student ID range will use to see the PSC Result 2019 from Mobile SMS. we tend to square measure providing 2 different processes of SMS Format. DPE Student ID range to 16222

It is the most recent official Mobile SMS Format of PSC Result 2019. Teletalk Asian country-restricted launched it 1st in 2016. Now, it’s the foremost widespread Mobile SMS Format of PSC Result. So, use this Message Format to see your PSC Result 2019 by SMS. 2.54 TK Charge are applied. Here is another Mobile SMS Format that’s on the market for you. you’ll be able to conjointly use this Format if you don’t have the coed ID range. Here, you’ll be able to use your PSC Roll range.
DPE Thana Code Roll

Finally, send the message to 16222. you’ll receive your Result presently n your mobile. SMS Charge is the same. you’ll understand that every one operator range is allowed. So, use any mobile range to see your Result. Don’t send the message before publication Result.

PSC Result 2019 by App:

Recently, we’ve got received too several questions about the PSC Result App. we tend to square measure terribly sorry to mention you that, presently no official Mobile App of PSC Result. But, the Authority is presently acting on it. The Authority (DPE) wise to last year that they need already set to develop a Mobile Application. it’ll on the market as presently as doable. Probably, you’ll get your PSC Result 2019 from Mobile App. If it’ll unleash, we’ll inform you shortly via this post.

PSC Full Marksheet 2019:

Full Marksheet of PSC Result 2019 is accessible. Full Marksheet mean PSC Result with Subject wise Marks out of total marks and a lot of. it’s vital to any or all Students. Last year, DPE created Board Challenge System (Result Re-Scrutiny) for PSC Result. So, If a student gets seventy-eight or seventy-nine Marks, it will apply for Board Challenge (Result Re-Scrutiny). it’s a paid system. it’s power-driven and maintenance by Teletalk Asian country restricted. Details information is accessible on the below. PSC Full mark sheet is additionally vital for understanding the Scholarship Result.

No further system is accessible to see PSC Result 2019 with Full Marksheet. you’ll compass at the net system. whereas you’ll check your PSC Result 2019 from our on-line system, you’ll get your Details Marksheet. you’re conjointly eligible to print your mark sheet by clicking on the Print Button.
PSC Grading System 2019:PSC Examine 2019 will understand their Grading system. there’s no further (optional) Subject on the market on the PSC communicating. So, the standard can calculate because of the Average standard of all subjects. Imagine, you have got the below standard on these subject in PSC communicating 2019:

So, here your Average standard (CGPA) are (5+4+5+5+5+4) = 28/6 = four.67; so, your PSC Result 2019 are standard four.67. You Letter Grade may be a. standard can begin from zero.00 (F) to five.00 (A+).

Ebtedayee Result 2019:Ebtedayee is that the Similar or Equivalent communicating of PSC. The Ebtedayee Result 2019 can publish with the PSC Result 2019. whereas the PSC Result can publish, you’ll be eligible to see your Ebtedayee Result 2019 from on-line and Mobile SMS.

If you would like to see your Result from on-line, kindly visit the previous link we’ve got provided. you’ll get your Ebtedayee Result from an equivalent server of PSC. This result’s conjointly power-driven by DPE. when visiting the web site, follow all steps. only one Replace needs. simply choose Ebtedayee on Examination. All different choices are operating fine.

You can conjointly check your Ebtedayee Result 2019 by Mobile SMS. Here is that the Mobile SMS Format on the market for you. {it can|it’ll} work whereas the Result will publish at on-line. SMS Charge is applied. currently, open your Message choice from Mobile. Then, kind the below SMS:

EBT Student ID range
Now, send the message to 16222. wherever can you discover your Ebtedayee student ID number? Don’t worry! it’s on the market on Ebtedayee Admit Card. So, check your Result currently by exploitation anyone or each strategy.

PSC Board Challenge 2019 – Result Re-Security:

The board Challenge system is accessible currently. Any Student will apply to recheck their PSC Result 2019 from this method. Board Challenge can begin on the subsequent day of the Result and continue consecutive fifteen days. Teletalk paid Mobile range got to use for this method. we tend to square measure currently attending to describe the system of PSC Result 2019 Challenge for you. First, Recharge your Teletalk paid Mobile Account. 2 SMS Charge and Per Subject a hundred and eighty 2 TK need. If you would like to use for one Subject, you wish a minimum of 185 TK in account Balance. So, attend the SMS choice from mobile so New Message. currently kind the below Format along with your Information: DPRSC Student ID Subject or Code and Send to 16222.
Example: DPRSC 112019714032201 113 and Send to 16222.

Here, 112019714032201 is the Student ID range and 113 is that the Subject Code (Mathematics). when causation the primary message you’ll receive Student Name, indictable quantity, and a PIN. you wish to use the PIN to send the second message. Now, Send the second message with the below Format 5:
DPRSC affirmative PIN range contact Number and Send to 16222.
Example: DPRSC affirmative 50235326 01XXXXXXXXX and Send to 16222.
Here, 50235326 is that the Example PIN. you wish to exchange the PIN that you’ll receive on the primary Message.

PSC Scholarship Result 2019:

PSC Scholarship Result 2019 can publish when or inside ninety days from PSC Result 2019. The Ministry of Education can publish district wise elite List of PSC Scholarship Candidates on their Official web site. PSC Scholarship Result 2019 also can check by the net. it’s like check PSC Result 2019 from on-line. we’ve got already given you a concept regarding the PSC Scholarship Result. If you create a decent end in PSC, we promote you to see PSC Scholarship Result 2019.

You need to produce all the knowledge provided to see PSC Result 2019 at on-line. the knowledge is Division Name, District Name, Thana Name, Roll range and Year. Now, Visit the Official web site and Check PSC Result currently. you’ll see the Scholarship Result on the Portal.

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